Ring Size Guide

Please refer to our ring size guide below to determine your size.

If unsure of your size. Any easy way to measure is cut a strip of paper 2 cm x 10 cm and wrap around your finger. Now mark the circumference with a pen. Open the piece of paper and measure with a ruler or measuring tape the total length (Circumference).

XL – Large is size 11 US
(Circumference Length in mm is 63.5mm – 64.6mm)

L – Large is size 10 US
(Circumference Length in mm is 62.2mm – 63.4mm)

M- Medium is size 9 US
(Circumference Length in mm is 59mm – 60.9mm)

S – Small is size 8 US
(Circumference Length in mm is 56.8mm – 58.1mm)

XS – Extra Small is size 7 US
(Circumference Length in mm is 54.3mm – 55.6mm)

If still unsure please contact us at hello@richeparis.com and we'll be happy to help further.