Dagger Necklace (Gold)
Dagger Necklace (Gold)
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Dagger Necklace (Gold)

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Wrapped around the wearer in a high quality chain, this premium necklace features an 18K Gold plated Dagger Pendant.
A symbol of survival, sacrifice and bravery. A representation that you have overcome a loss and a reminder that you are moving forward.
The dagger is a symbol that goes back centuries with a great deal of meaning. Most warriors in history carried some sort of stealth concealed dagger, for backup protection.

No matter what it means to you, this piece we know you'll love.

 - 66cm gold chain (chain included with pendant)
 - Dagger Pendant (pendant size: 50mm x 12mm)
 - 18k gold pendant (detachable)
 - Solid 3D detailing
 - Reinforced ring clasp
 - 18k Gold / Premium 316L stainless steel
 - Water, heat, sweat resistant
 - No discolouring or tarnishing
 - Hypoallergenic (no green skin)
 - Designed in Australia
 - Unbeatable durability
 - Lifetime warranty (see warranty page for more details)